About Us

Hector Naranjo, President

Vanar Construction is a light gauge/metal framing sub-contractor company which was founded in 2003 by Hector Naranjo. In over 25 years in the construction trade, Hector has acquired much diverse experience. Hector has honed and sharpened the foundation of his skills towards framing, drywall, estimating and business management. Since the founding of Vanar Construction, Hector has shifted his focus to the advancement and success of our organization.

A Rising Company

Since opening its doors, Vanar Construction has developed a remarkable reputation in outstanding work and customer service a well as workmanship in our employees on projects. 

The services Vanar Construction provides- Structural Metal Framing (Sigma/Truss System, Metal Decking), Non-Load Bearing Framing, Gypsum Board, Wall Texture, Acoustical Ceilings, Building Insulation, FRP, EIFS, Design Build Projects and more.

We Are Here For You

Together, Hector, with an experienced office management team, a field oversight team of project managers, general and job site superintendents, each with insight and guidance, provide the highest quality of workmanship for our customers- the Hampton Roads Community, the Commonwealth of VA, West Virginia and North Carolina.